New Build Eco House 

At KJT Builders we can offer you a perfect home, set in a nature reserve and surrounded by mature woodland. This location is truly unique offering nature on your doorstep.

This type of property does not come on the market often, and is therefore unique in that it is new build property, designed from the ground up as a self sustaining house that will be very economical to run.

It has extensive basements that go down to a depth of 20 feet, this houses a plant room containing the latest Eco plant (CHP and Power storage).

The Site has its own water supply (no water bills) drilled to a depth of 340 feet, the water extracted is filtered through the chalk (12 months to filter down) so it is purer than water from the utility provider.

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The property also boasts Photovoltaic cells that supply 1642 watts of power, plus a CHP unit that supplies a further 1000 watts of power, a biogen generator supplies any surplus requirements. A top of the range wood burning stove supplies extra warmth and comfort for those cold winter evenings.

The approximate U value of the property is 0.020 W/mk, making it very thermally efficient. The half a meter thick walls in the basement complement this making for a property that is designed like no other.

The total estimated running of costs of the house including heating, water, gas and electric are  approximately £400 per annum, this is based on a study of a typical family of four, this is approximately 300% saving per annum(based on a house of similar size).